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What is a Semi Inground Pool?

To put it as simply as possible, a semi inground pool is essentially an aboveground pool that’s partially buried underground. These pools can be buried to any depth of your liking, giving you some creative freedom to decorate your backyard. Semi inground pools are starting to become a huge turn on for consumers, due largely to the customization options and potential that these pools posses. People who cannot afford or don’t want an inground pool, yet they want more than an aboveground pool can finally have a viable option when looking for a pool.


What Makes a Semi Inground Pool Desirable?


The potential that the buyer has with semi inground pools is truly remarkable. These pools can be buried as deep as you want, so now they can fit right in with your landscaping plans for your yard. They can either be hardly buried at all, they can be buried right up to the top, or everywhere in-between. In other words, they have the ability to be positioned in ways that aren’t possible for more traditional pools. Truly giving you the ability to make your backyard one of a kind.


Semi inground pools certainly don’t stick out as poorly as aboveground pools do and they even have the potential of being more eye-catching than inground pools. The customization gives you the ability to landscape and decorate however you would like. Having to plan around your pool is no longer necessary, giving you more freedom than ever before.


The installation of semi inground pools is a bit more costly and difficult than an aboveground pool, but they are much cheaper and easier than inground pools. In result of the simplified installation, more people will be able to afford a viable inground alternative without having to spend an arm and a leg.


As previously mentioned, the installation costs are far less than what it would be for an inground pool and a bit more than it would be for an aboveground pool. Not only is the installation cheaper than inground pools, but the price for any maintenance issue is typically in the same ballpark as an aboveground pool. You can also save even more money by installing a semi inground pool on your own.


Due to the simplified installation of semi inground pools, it is very possible for you to completely install one of these on your own. It will take some brute force and some time to do so, but it is entirely possible for you to do this on your own. If you’re the type that enjoys DIY projects this could end up being a pretty fun project for you.


The Verdict

Whether or not a semi inground pool is right for you is all based on your individual desires. These pools are a great alternative for the people who want but cant afford an inground pool, don’t want to deal with the hassle of an inground pool, don’t like the look of an aboveground pool, or for anyone who likes the idea/look of a semi inground pool. These pools are an interesting new way to add some style and fun to your backyard! However, one potential negative is that you’ll have to check your local code regarding the regulations for the pool. Depending on how far above the ground the top of your pool sits, there are going to be different code guidelines in different areas that you’ll have to follow. There are some situations where local code will classify your semi inground pool as an aboveground and there are some situations where it will be classified as an inground. As long as you’re aware of your local code; these pools can easily add a great amount of style and entertainment to your backyard!

July 22, 2016 Leisure Living Pools.