Turn your ordinary backyard into a personal oasis with these tips and tricks for landscaping around a swimming pool. No matter what the size of the space or budget is, you’ll have the same goals when starting your pool landscaping project. These goals are to create more privacy around your pool, minimize the amount of debris in your pool and choose plants that are low maintenance.

Choosing Plants:

It’s important to choose plants that can withstand the amount of moisture that will be put out by your pool. You’re also going to want to focus on plants with low leaf litter to avoid having debris fall into or around your swimming pool.  Find low-growing plants (up to 4ft)  and install them within 6 to 8 feet from the pool to maximize the sun exposure.

Poolside Pots:

Potted Plants Potted plants are the perfect addition for around both inground and above ground pools. They allow you to be creative with colors while still providing a low maintenance solution for landscaping.

This is a great weekend DIY project and the possibilities are endless!


Repeal mosquitoes by planting citronella plants in your pots.  These are low maintenance plants that have become a favorite due to their citrus scent and inspect repelling properties.

Some other mosquito repealing plants include lemongrass, rosemary, marigolds and basil.




Pool Landscaping

Many pool owners choose to outline their landscaping with stones, pebbles or rocks for a modern look.

You can even add a rock speaker system in your garden that will blend in while providing music around your pool.


Use stone tiles in the garden to create an easy walkway! Not only will this enhance the look of your backyard but protect your garden as well.




Backyard Pool Lighting

Planning on using your backyard during the nighttime? Then you’ll want to add some lighting factors into your landscaping plan.

Solar lights, tiki torches and different pool lights will all provide your backyard with a captivating glow during the nighttime hours.

If you have an above ground pool without a lighting feature then check out floating LED pool light options.


Purchase inexpensive rope lighting to outline your poolside garden. These lights are waterproof and often come with an automated timer feature.




Water Features:


Add a wow factor to your pool with water features such as waterfalls and fountains.

Check out this rainbow fountain LED light that can be used on both inground and above ground swimming pools and changes between red, blue and green lights.


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