Owning a pool while having children is a huge responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I’m sure at some point in time your kids have gotten into something they weren’t supposed to. The same goes for pools, without the proper prevention methods your kids could end up going for a swim without anybody knowing. Pools are a great source of entertainment for all ages, but like everything else out there, they have the potential to be dangerous.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an average of 4,900 kids under the age of 15 have emergency department-treated injuries each year, 3,800 of those are children under the age of 5. However, injuries are certainly not the only tragedy you need to be concerned about. Drowning happens to be the #1 cause of unintentional deaths for children 1-4 years old, taking an average of 390 lives each year.

With the proper supervision, your kids will be able to enjoy your pool without you having to worry as much about anything bad happening. However, it’s simply not possible for you to keep an eye on them 24/7.  As a parent, you never want anything bad to happen to any of your kids. Especially something that could have potentially been avoided. We’ve put together a list of child safety tips that will help you limit the likelihood of any unfortunate events occurring.

Have Fences InstalledInground Safety Fence Gate

Fences are a great line of first defense when it comes to pool safety. They will help prevent your children from unintentionally falling in your pool while they’re playing outside. They can also help prevent younger children from intentionally making their way into your pool for a swim. There are fences designed specifically for above ground pools along with larger safety fences that can be put up around your yard. In 2010 the CDC has found that having a fence around your pool will reduce the chance of a drowning happening by 83%. That statistic alone shows how big of an impact a fence can have on keeping your kids safe around your pool.

Install Alarms

Poolguard® Safety Buoy Pool AlarmThere are several different types of alarms out there with slightly different functions depending on your needs and desires. They all have the ability to alert you whenever your kid either gets in or too close to your pool.

I’ll go over a few different types so you can have a better understanding of what each type does and some of the differences between each kind.

Inground Pool Alarms

Inground pool alarms are exactly as the name implies, designed specifically for inground pools. The Pooleye Pool Alarm Inground Unit has the ability to detect objects as light as 15 lbs and eliminate any false alarms from the wind or rain. If anything is detected in your pool you can be sure that you will be alerted.

Above Ground Alarms

Above ground pool alarms are very similar to the inground ones with the exception of being designed specifically for above ground pools. The Poolgaurd® Safety Buoy Pool Alarm floats around your above ground pool with the ability to sound an alarm if anything enters the water or if anyone tries to remove the system from the pool.

Gate Alarms

Gate alarms are a great add-on if you already have or are planning to install some sort of fencing around your pool. The YardGard Electronic Gate Alarm will go off and alert you if anything breaks through the barrier. This way you will be alerted if your kids make their way past the fencing and close to your pool. This will also work on doors or windows, so you can be alerted if your kid even leaves the house when they aren’t supposed to.

Safety Wristbands

If your kids are wearing a safety wristband, such as a Safety Turtle Wristband, an alarm will go off if they ever fall into your pool. Although, you will first need to sync the wristband to the base before it will work properly. This is a great way for you to make sure your kids don’t stumble into a body of water when you’re not paying attention. However, this is certainly not a substitute for adult supervision.

Install Video Cameras

Pool WatchDog™Installing a video camera is a great way to keep an eye on your pool area from anywhere in your house. The Pool WatchDog™ Swimming Pool Safety Camera is a water proof video camera that will provide you with colored video streams 24/7. Some of the features include: the ability to watch the stream on your smartphone or computer/tablet, night vision capability, motion detection technology, the ability to stream over WiFi, controlled wirelessly , and has the ability to provide you updates via text message. This is a great way to always have the ability to know whats going on around your pool. You will be able see any potential accidents coming and be able to stop it before anything bad happens.

Have Flotation Devices

Flotation devices are meant to be used when you are by the pool with your kids. They serve a purpose of Toddlers Soft Swimmies Pool Arm Floatshelping prevent children from drowning if they aren’t the best swimmers yet. For example, swimmies and swim suits will help keep kids afloat and are a great way for them to learn how to swim. This way they can safely enjoy your pool while the risks are minimized. However, its important to note that these are not safety devices. They will help minimize the risks, but they are not life jackets and are not designed to be a lifesaving device.

General Safety Tips

  • Teach your kids how to swim
    • Knowing how to swim is something that will drastically reduce the chances of drowning. Although, having the ability to swim isn’t a foolproof method of prevention, but it is without a doubt a huge positive. Swim lessons are hosted all over the place and with a little research you can find a class near you to enroll your kids in.
  • Learn CPR
    • Knowing CPR could very well be the difference between life and death. In the amount of time it will take paramedics to arrive at your location it may be too late. When it comes to any drowning situation every second counts.
  • Understand the importance of adult supervision
    • Drowning deaths can happen very quickly and quietly, so I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep an eye on young children at all times. Mowing the grass or doing yard work while your kid is swimming does not count as adult supervision. Pools can be dangerous for kids if they don’t have an adult looking over them. When it comes to your kids well-being, it’s definitely better being safe rather than sorry.
  • Teach the buddy system
    • Teach your kids that in order to go swimming they have to be with a buddy (an adult). This way your kids will know when it’s acceptable to be swimming and when it’s not. However, kids don’t always want to listen, so just make sure that you aren’t completely relying on them.
  • Avoid alcohol while supervising
    • There’s no questioning that consuming alcohol can impair your senses and decision making ability. Watching over your kids while your senses are dulled is not safe at all. If you’re planning on drinking alcoholic beverages by the pool then your kids should not be allowed in.