DiscToss Target Goal Game

DiscToss Target Goal GameThe DiscToss Target Goal Game comes with an inflatable floating net and six inflatable discs. These discs come in two different colors, making it a perfect team game for some competitive fun. The purpose of this game is to get the discs past the goalie and into the net. How you do so is completely up to your kids imagination. Your kids can make there own rules, maybe there’s a certain line they have to shoot behind or they decide to not play with a goal and use the goal as a target. The possibilities are endless and up to your kids to decide.



Who doesn’t love a good opool basketballld game of pool basketball? Your kids can use the basketball hoop to just get some shots up, have a dunk competition, or play a competitive game with some friends.

This will be a fun way to help keep your kids active while they’re on break from school over the summer.





Underwater Basketball

underwater basketballThe Underwater Hoops Swimming Pool Basketball Game is a different way to play the game that’s truly unique to pools. This is essentially basketball upside down. The purpose of this game is to get past the defender and get the ball through the hoop from underneath the surface of the water.

The game comes with a hoop and a foam basketball that is easy to grab and won’t float to the surface as easily as a regular ball.








volleyballVolleyball is always a good time, whether or not it’s in a gym, on the sand, or in the water. However, playing in the water gives this game an unique twist. It’s harder to move around in the water making it a bit more challenging. The only downside to this game is that there needs to be at least two people in order to play.

Typically the more people you have the more fun it will be, but too many people will just be overcrowded.





Marco Polo

Perhaps the most popular pool game, Marco Polo is an easy a fun game for kids of all ages. One player is designated to call out “Marco” with their eyes closed attempting to tag the other players. As they call out “Marco” the other players are required to call out “Polo”. The players that are designated to call out “Polo” have a set amount of seconds to disperse themselves in the pool and then they try to avoid being tagged. Once they’re tagged, they will switch roles with the player that tagged them and they will now have to close their eyes and try to tag the other players.


Sharks and Minnows

This game is another great way to keep the kids active this summer. It works by designating one shark that starts at one end of the pool, while the minnow’s start at he other end. The minnows need to get to the end of the pool that the shark is starting at with out getting tagged by the shark. If the shark tags them before they reach the wall, then the minnow will also become a shark. The last minnow to be tagged will be declared the winner. However, the shark must have their back turned to the minnow’s until they hear one of them attempting to get across. This way the minnows will have more of a fair chance to get across.


Dive Games

Dive games are another great way for your kids to use their imagination. They can use the Jumbo Dive ‘N’ Catch Fish Game or the Family Fun Mega Pack Game Set to see how many they can dive and collect before needing to come up for air. This can also be played as a competitive game by seeing who can dive down to collect the most pieces. Also, having goggles goes hand-in-hand with this type of game. Being able to see what they’re diving for is definitely important.


Cannon Ball Contests

Cannon ball contests are a fun way for kids to compete with their friends. In order to get the most out of the contest, there should be a neutral judge that will rate the cannon balls on a number of different factors. Your kids could compete for the biggest splash, highest splash, or smallest splash.Regardless of how they choose to play, they are destined to have a good time. There is also a Cannon Ball Pool Float that you can wear around your torso to increase the size of the cannon ball for even more fun!


Catch Games

Throwing a ball of any sort in the pool was one of my personal favorites as a kid. There are so many different ways to go about playing catch in the pool. Your kids could hit volleyball back and forth, catch a football they’re in the air about to enter the water, or throw a Spongex Flying Softer Frisbee back and forth. The possibilities are endless here. There are so many different ways to go about this, so your kids could explore all the different options to find out what they enjoy the most.



Traditionally a basketball game, but this game can be played in many different ways with a little imagination. The goal of the game is to get your opponent(s) to reach HORSE. For example, in basketball if you hit a shot from a certain location, your opponent(s) has to hit the shot from the same spot. If they make the shot then the game just goes on. However, if they miss the shot they will receive a letter. The first one to receive enough letters to spell horse loses. This game can easily be translated over to the pool by either playing on a basketball hoop in the pool, throwing at ball at a target, doing different styles of jumps in the pool, or by catching a ball a certain way. Like many of the other games, the opportunities are endless and give your kids a chance to use their imagination.