While lounging by the pool or at the beach this summer, it’s important to keep your technology safe from water and sand. We’ve put together a list of our favorite waterproof products that will keep your phones, wallets, tablets and other valuables safe from harm.

Shark Pack Phone Protector & Waterproof Wallet

9376e5fb7b88288ed9eda003014ff528.1000x1000The Shark Pack is designed to float and is submersible for up to 45 minutes. This pouch features enough space for your smartphone, wallet and jewelry. While your items are stored in the Shark Pack they will be protected from water and sand and the clear window features will allow you to still use your touchscreen. This is a must have item!

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DryCASE Waterproof Pouch for Tablets & e-Readers

tablet pouch

This clear, flexible and waterproof case will allow you to use your tablet or e-Reader while keeping it dry and clean. Simply place your device in the DryCASE, close the bag and pump out any excess air. It even features a stereo headphone jack that will enable you with listening capabilities while enjoying your device.




Sports Belt by DryCASE

sports belt
Designed for use during water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, rafting, canoeing and swimming this waterproof neoprene belt will keep your device secure and dry. The low profile design does not interfere with movement and it features a fully adjustable band up for up to 60” waists.



Aqua Splash Wireless & Waterproof Light Show Speaker

aqua splash
Whether you keep this device poolside or allow it to float around in the water the Aqua Splash Wireless & Waterproof Light Show Speaker is an absolute must. With up to 4 hours of battery life, wireless capabilities, a built in Mp3 player and color changing design this speaker will become one of your favorite pool or beach accessories.

Bonus Feature: When you’re out of the water it can be clipped onto your belt or backpack!




DryBUDS Waterproof Headphones

water proof headphoneswaterproof headphones


Get excellent sound quality even when you’re underwater with these completely submersible DryBUDS headphones. Pair them with a DryCASE or with your own device and prepare to enjoy a day at the pool!