What can be more enjoyable than taking a refreshing dip in your pool on a hot summer day? Pool floats are a great way to take advantage of those days by enhancing the enjoyment you are going get out of your pool. Inflatables are simply a must have for pool owners, due to the fact that they have a use for just about everyone. They can either be used to float around and relax, or they can be used for all sorts of pool fun. The variety in style and features will give you several different options regardless of what you’re looking for!

These 15 floats below will without a doubt give you some new and improved moments in you pool. They all have their own unique features and designs that differentiates them from one another and are nothing like the tradition pool floats you’re used to seeing. So without further ado, lets take a look at the the must have floats for this upcoming season!


Ride-On Bird Floats

Black SwanParrot  Flamingo

swan float



These unique bird pool floats will allow you to enjoy your pool on the back of either a swan, black swan, parrot, or a flamingo. The amount of fun you’ll gain from these beautiful birds will make you never want to get out of your pool. They all resemble the actual animal quite well with the elongated necks and the wings on the side. These pool floats are big enough for two people to enjoy and they would be a great edition to your swimming pool!


Pizza Float

Pizza Float



Can there be anything more enjoyable than floating around in your pool on a slice of pizza? I don’t think so! This unique pizza float is 6’ long and will prove to be the most fun you have ever had with a slice of pizza. If you want to have some extra fun, this float has two connectors on each side, giving it the ability to connect with other floats. So if you get together with a few friends you can create your very own pizza pie!


Donut Float

Strawberry Frosted Donut


The donut float is another amazing way to float around on a piece of food in your pool. This round float comes as either a chocolate frosted or strawberry frosted donut and it has a bite mark on the side. This float is a much improved version of the classic round pool floats. They have the same basic functions, but the donut float has that fun factor that a traditional pool float is lacking. If this float doesn’t leave you craving a donut afterwards, I don’t know what will.


Inflatable Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar



The Floating Tiki Bar is the ultimate way to enjoy a beverage in your pool with some friends and family! The canopy-topped float comes with multiple cup holders and gives you the ability to serve your guests drinks from the inside. This float is especially great for parties or small gatherings, but it can also be used to give you some shade any day of the week. However, if your looking to throw the pool party of the summer, this float will most definitely be a huge asset for you!


Inflatable Giant Duck



Who says rubber ducky’s are only for your bathtub?  This giant duck float will offer you and your family endless hours of fun in your pool. This float is a perfect way for kids to enjoy themselves, but don’t worry, you adults can enjoy this giant duck as well. The head is completely see-through so you or your kids will have the ability to know where you are going at all times!


Whale Float




Finally, it’s now possible for you to possess your very own personal whale! This whale float is a perfect way for your kids to be active and use their imagination in the pool It’s also big enough for adults to use too. In Fact, this float is a great way for you adults to use your imagination and relive the “Free Willy” days as Jesse and Willy!


Smarties Inflatable Noodle Float



Who doesn’t love Smarties? This 5’ pool noodle resembles the Smarties we all know and love. The Smarties noodle is very similar to the traditional pool noodle, but the design makes it far more more enjoyable. It is undoubtedly the coolest pool noodle you are going to find out there. If for any reason you don’t want to use the noodle to float around in your pool, they can be great for decoration as well!


Star Trek Captain’s Chair Pool Float

Star Trek Captains Chair



This Star Trek captains chair pool float is perfect for all you Star Trek fanatics out there. This is simply a must have for anyone who is a fan of the series. Floating around in your pool feeling like Captain Kirk, I can’t imagine any better way for a fan of Star Trek to enjoy a beautiful summer day. However, you don’t need to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy this float. Anyone looking to use their imagination and put themselves in the captains seat would be a perfect fit for this float.


Root Beer Mug Float

Root Beer Float



You can finally enjoy a root beer float without having to worry about it melting melting on you. This 74 inch root beer mug float comes with a cup holder and a built-in ice chest, giving you the ability to enjoy an ice-cold beverage with out even getting out of your pool. This float will without a doubt leave you craving a drink, so why not enjoy a root beer float while you’re relaxing on your root beer float?


Pretzel Float



As you have probably already noticed, food floats are a hot commodity for this upcoming pool season. This pretzel shape float differs a bit from the other food floats due to the fact that it has enough room for multiple people to enjoy at the same time. Also, the extra openings in the float will allow you to get creative with the way you use it!


Deluxe LED Lounger


led lounger


The Deluxe LED Lounger comes with 24 colored LED lights that have the ability to either give you a blinking light show or can slowly fade from bright to dull and vice versa. This is as good of float you are going to get for some night time excitement! The LED lights are great for creating an atmosphere full of excitement once the moonlight begins to shine.




Floating Lounge Chair Inflatable Pool Float

Floating Lounge Chair


This float is cool because it has the ability to be used as both a float in your pool and a lounge chair outside of your pool. The Floating Inflatable Pool Float is designed specifically for comfort while giving you the flexibility in how exactly you want to relax. This may very well be one of the most comfortable pool floats out there.


Bonus: Mega Chill Cooler

Mega Chill Cooler


Lounging around in your pool all day in the scorching summer heat can leave you feeling dehydrated. Getting out of your pool for a drink is just a huge nuisance. The Mega Chill Cooler can float, so getting out of your pool for a drink can be a thing of the past! It is no secret that an ice-cold beverage makes lounging around in your pool more enjoyable. Having a cooler floating along side of you will prove to be very convenient!


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